Chickens and Roosters


Chickens and roosters, along with other domestic fowl such as geese and ducks, are allowed in the City of Puyallup under certain conditions.

According to Puyallup Municipal Code, domestic fowl such as chickens and roosters must be kept either 25 feet or 50 feet away from the nearest residence, depending on how they are enclosed. If the fowl are kept in a pen or structure, such pen or structure must be at least 50 feet from any neighboring residence (meaning the dwelling, not the property). If the fowl are not kept in a pen or structure, they nevertheless must somehow be restricted from being within 25 feet of any neighboring residence.

Because Puyallup has more than 40,000 residents, noise is a potential concern to consider if you are thinking about obtaining a rooster. While roosters are permitted in accordance with the conditions noted above, care must be taken that their vocalizations do not disturb your neighbors. Specifically, rooster owners need to ensure compliance with the City's noise ordinance, which prohibits "Frequent, repetitive, or continuous noise made by any animal which unreasonably disturbs or interferes with the peace, comfort, and repose of property owners or possessors ..." Owners of animals which violate this provision may be cited.

If animal control determines that a rooster or other animal is repeatedly violating the city's noise ordinance, it is subject to impoundment.