Public Meetings

June 2nd Puyallup City Council meeting:

Due to the Governor’s orders related to public gatherings and the Open Public Meetings Act during the COVID-19 pandemic, Puyallup City Hall is closed and the June 2nd City Council meeting will not take place at City Hall. All participation in the Council meeting will occur remotely.

Citizen comments will be accepted via email at until 5:30 pm on the day of the meeting. The City Clerk will note the name of the submitter and the date it was received, which will be made part of the record. All comments received before the deadline will be provided to the City Council prior to the 6:30 start time of the meeting.

To listen to the meeting by phone, call 253-215-8782 and enter the Meeting I.D. number, which will be provided the day before. Alternatively, it can be listened to via the livestream on our website.

In addition, the proclamation issued by the governor greatly restricts what may be considered at a city council (or any other public meeting) during the course of this crisis. Agencies are temporarily suspended from taking action on any matters except those which are (1)  necessary and routine, or (2) necessary to respond to the outbreak and current public health emergency. Because “action” is defined in state law as “the transaction of the official business of a public agency by a governing body including but not limited to receipt of public testimony, deliberations, discussions, considerations, reviews, evaluations, and final actions,” a city council is prohibited from even discussing or considering any matter which is not “necessary and routine” or “necessary to respond to the outbreak and current public health emergency.”

The agendas for city council meetings will continue to be published and available to the public in advance of any meeting.

The following meetings have been cancelled:

Design Review Board                     June 4th

Senior Advisory Board                    June 8th