Engineering Services

The Engineering Services Division serves the needs of the citizens of Puyallup by providing professional engineering services to the community.

We are dedicated to providing a professional environment with a high level of responsiveness to our citizens, developers and consultants. Importance is placed on protecting the public health, safety and welfare of our neighborhoods, providing a safe and reliable transportation system for all and improving the quality of life for our residents and visitors.

The goal of the Engineering Services Division is to actively promote the community’s economic development and quality of life by providing thorough, accurate and timely review of project permit applications and to maintain an exceptional permit application process that is clear, concise and consistent.

Civil Application Review Process 

The Civil application review process consists of three phases: Phase 1 begins with the Application Acceptance, which the City will complete the Acceptance Criteria Checklist. Submittals meeting the criteria will continue to phase 2. If the criteria is not met, the application will be returned to the applicant without further review. Phase 2 is the submittal of the Formatting Checklist. Phase 3 concludes with the Design Review. The City will complete the Design Review Checklist. At that time submittals meeting all City criteria standards will be approved. Submittals that do not meet the City Standards will not be approved and the applicant will be asked to resubmit plans that conform to City Standards.