Kids Programs

Leprechaun Glasses

Saturday, March 17

All Day!

Drop in all day on St. Patrick's Day to make your own leprechaun glasses! These specially decorated spectacles might improve your chances of see a leprechaun...and maybe finding his gold? This event is all ages, and no registration is required.




Tuesday, April 3 
4:00 pm

Hop on down to the library! We'll be celebrating everyone's favorite amphibians, frogs and toads! Lots of facts, fiction, crafts and games for ages 3-8 years old. No registration is required. 

Minecraft Young Builders Competition
Spring Break Edition

Thursday, April 12
10:30 am - 1:00 pm

The theme is a mystery until the day of competition! Join us to play for fun or to win. You can bring your own device to play on, or use one of the library's computers. Registration is required, this program is intended for ages 8-12 years old.