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General Volunteer Application

  1. Are you over the age of 18? (If not, you must have parental consent.)

  2. Do you have, or can you obtain a valid Washington State Driver's License?

  3. Are you currently certified in CPR?

  4. Are you currently certified in First Aid?

  5. Do you have any medical conditions that should be taken into consideration in arranging volunteer assignments?

  6. Have you been convicted of a felony or released from prison within the last ten (10) years, or have you been convicted of a misdemeanor other than minor traffic offenses within the past three (3) years?

  7. What days of the week are you available (you may check more than one day)?

  8. What hours are you generally available?

  9. Are you available in the evenings?

  10. How many hours a day would you be willing to volunteer?

  11. How many days a week would you be willing to volunteer?

  12. What types of volunteer projects interest you?

  13. Please check any of the following city activities that you are interested in volunteering for:

  14. I have read the above information and agree to the terms of this application.

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